Thermal Insulation Mortar

Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA®) insulation mortar is widely used in roof and floor screeds, giving effective way of improving thermal insulation, reducing weight, and sound insulation for new build usage. ECA® is a unique green construction material using which the thermal insulation mortar is prepared onsite. There is no special requirement to have a thermal insulation mortar production line. ECA® thermal insulation cemented mortar has a wide acceptance in India and has been giving excellent results in place of conventional thermal insulating mortars and plasters and the methods being adopted like insulation methods of perlite thermal insulation mortars, vermiculite thermal insulation mortar, expanded polystyrene insulation and other production line mortars available in the market. Today, the major contractors have moved with ease in large scale industrial thermal insulation applications and projects using expanded clay as a primary ingredient for their Thermal Insulation needs. ECA® gives a unique flexibility and a light weight fire resistant solution for user base offering an onsite preparation of thermal insulating mortars and plasters using aggregate size of 2-15 mm and 0.5 to 2 mm against expanded polystyrene insulation, vermiculite insulation and perlite thermal insulation mortar available in market. Enclosed below are the details one should go through if you have the requirement of thermal insulating your project with thermal insulating mortars and plasters with a unique lightweight aggregate which is 100% Inert and Eco friendly and which wont break down over time.

Mixing Methodology
  • ECA® 2-15 mm (300 liters) batch size for preparing Thermal Insulation Mortar
  • Mix ECA with 25 liters of water and post hydration wait for 25 minutes.
  • Add cement to the mixture for 1 minute. Again add 10 liters of water and wait for 1 minute. Blend it well.
  • Using a cement miller for thorough mixing for some minutes for preparing Thermal Insulation Mortar.
  • Finally using Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA®) Thermal Insulation Mortar is prepared and is ready to use.
  • Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA®) mixed thermal insulation mortar is poured on the floor and leveled depending on our desired thickness. To prevent immediate drying of the mortar, it can be covered with plastic material for at least 1 day (24 hours). After this, spray it with water regularly.


  • Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA®) increases Thermal and Sound insulation properties.
  • Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA®) offers  no maintenance and easy installation
  • Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA®) thermal insulation mortar improves insulation capability of screed system and save the use of electricity.
  • Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA®) is strong and light in weight.
  • Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA®) increases building life by protecting the building from thermal cyclic effect.

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