Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate

Lightweight Aggregate

Understanding Your Options for Lightweight Aggregate

Need a lightweight aggregate supplier in India? Not sure if lightweight expanded clay aggregate is right for you, or if you should use another type of lightweight aggregate for the concrete mix? In this article, we’ll take a brief look at the most popular lightweight aggregate for concrete, and discuss which ones may be right for you.

Expanded Glass Aggregate

Expanded glass lightweight aggregates are obtained from recycled material and are a type of lightweight aggregate that is composed primarily of recycled glass. It has a highly frictional surface, high permeability, and is extremely light in weight, making it useful for backfill and structural concrete aggregate applications.

Fly Ash Aggregate (Lytag)

Fly ash aggregate is often used as part of a lightweight aggregate for concrete mix. Lightweight aggregates are produced by sintering fly ash and then crushing the product into suitable sizes. More than 600 tons million tons of fly ash aggregate are made per year and used as lightweight aggregates for concrete.

Expanded Clay Aggregate (Aglite, ECA®, Solite)

To create lightweight expanded clay aggregate, all major lightweight expanded clay aggregate suppliers use high-quality clay, which is fired at extremely high temperatures, creating small, ball-shaped clay aggregate which is highly thermally resistant, strong, light in weight, and even has acoustic-dampening properties. Light expanded clay aggregate suppliers are common across the Globe, where much of the world’s supply of high-quality ECA® is created from India.

Volcanic Pumice or Pumice

This type of natural lightweight aggregates is obtained from natural volcanic pumice, a highly porous and lightweight, yet strong type of igneous (volcanic) rock, formed by the natural cooling process of lava. It’s natural and durable and can be crushed into small pellets for use in the lightweight concrete mix.

Vermiculite or Expanded Vermiculite

Vermiculite is a special type of clay that expands dramatically when heated, similar to lightweight expanded clay aggregate, and it has similar characteristics. It’s most commonly produced in the US, China, Brazil, South Africa, which hold about 90% of the market share, so it’s difficult to find a lightweight aggregate supplier in India for vermiculite.

Polystyrene or Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

Polystyrene and EPS are both types of closed-cell foam, which can be manufactured into small “beads” and used as lightweight aggregates for concrete. They are extremely light, but somewhat brittle, making them less durable than other types of lightweight aggregate.

Foamed Blast Furnace Slag

Foamed blast furnace slag can be acquired from a lightweight aggregate supplier in India, and it’s made by processing metallic blast furnace slag with water, which results in a strong, porous structure.

Pelletized Slag

Pelletized slag looks similar to the clay products sold by light expanded clay aggregate suppliers, but it is a glassy material made from blast furnace slag, molded into small beads or pellets, and it is not as strong or lightweight as the products sold by lightweight expanded clay aggregate suppliers.

Furnace Clinker

Furnace clinker is similar to volcanic ash and is a waste product from coal-fired boilers, which can be used as a low-cost aggregate material.

Pelletized Expanded Slag

Pelletized expanded slag is cooled very quickly using water, causing it to expand dramatically, boosting its strength while minimizing its weight.

The Best Choice – Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate

Looking for a lightweight aggregate supplier in India? Not sure what products are right for you? We recommend working with lightweight expanded clay aggregate suppliers to buy high-quality ECA® pellets.

While there are many types of aggregate available, nothing beats the performance of ECA® aggregate from light expanded clay aggregate suppliers. ECA® is strong, durable, inexpensive, and has a variety of other features and properties that set it apart from all other lightweight aggregates.


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