Expanded Clay Balls

Expanded Clay Balls

Expanded Clay Balls | Rivashaa Eco Design Solutions

At Rivashaa Eco Design Solutions, we specialize in Clay balls in India. We are the #1 supplier for expanded clay pellets in the country – offering the best products at reasonable prices. Our clay balls are checked for quality to ensure that you always have the best materials for your project, and we have a huge variety of clay balls for sale – from tiny pellets that are only a few micrometers in diameter to expanded clay balls that are up to 30mm in diameter.

Whether you are interested in using Clay balls for plants, construction, irrigation, water control, and management, or for any other reason, we are here to help.

Rivashaa Eco Design Solutions – Green Materials For A Better World

At Rivashaa Eco Design Solutions, we believe in making the world a better, cleaner, greener place. And through our line of expanded clay balls, we believe that we can do that. Our ECA® products are manufactured in India from eco-friendly manufacturers manufactured using clean processes – and as a 100% natural material, clay is inert and not harmful to the environment. You can trust us as suppliers and the only source to deliver eco-friendly Clay balls in India.

Our expanded clay balls aren’t just made to be eco-friendly, either. When used in construction, they are extremely helpful when designing eco-friendly, green buildings – for example, structures that meet LEED certification requirements. ECA® aggregate is a lightweight material with extremely good insulative properties, which makes it perfect for concrete structures that must maintain high energy efficiency.

Our ECA ® Clay Balls from India Can Be Used For Almost Anything

With such a wide range of expanded clay balls from 0-30 mm available in rounds and crushed forms, Rivashaa Deco Design Solutions has the right ECA ® aggregate product for any project, such as:

  • Clay balls for plants
  • Soundproofing and acoustic barrier walls
  • Slab strengthening
  • Flooring and roof panels
  • Lightweight concrete - structural and non structural
  • Thermal Insulation and drainage for retaining walls
  • Fireproofing
  • Insulating pipes and refractories
  • Hydroponics and urban landscaping
  • Creating lightened embankments
  • Lightweight backfill
  • Water filtration

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our line of expanded clay balls. Due to their thermal insulation properties, fire resistance, unique drainage properties, and hollow, lightweight construction, our ECA® Clay balls in India can be used in hundreds of different applications. Learn more from our website now.

Fast Shipments With Guaranteed Deliveries

At Rivashaa Eco Design Solutions, we’re proud to serve our customers with high-quality ECA ®  products. That’s why we make it our goal to always offer guaranteed deliveries and fast shipments for your products – whether you’re in India, the United States, Canada, UK, Singapore, Australia, South Africa, UAE or anywhere else in the world.

We understand how important material logistics are for a successful project – which is why we always pledge to ship our products on time and get them to you as quickly as we can. We guarantee your satisfaction with our services and our products – no matter what.

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If you would like to buy expanded clay balls for plants from Rivashaa Eco Design Solutions, please contact us right away by visiting our website. We can provide you with pricing, spec sheets, and a list of our current products so that you can choose the ECA® aggregate that is right for you.

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