Here's Why Choosing Hydroculture Method Would be the Best Option for your Rooftop Garden
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Here's Why Choosing Hydroculture Method Would be the Best Option for your Rooftop Garden

Here's Why Choosing Hydroculture Method Would be the Best Option for your Rooftop Garden

2020-01-02 06:03:05

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Whenever you think of hydroculture, you might be skeptical about whether it will work for your garden or not. In reality, it is an excellent strategy at a growing handful of plants on places such as rooftops where you cannot use soil easily. Such a technique helps use nutrients from water being absorbed into an inorganic medium that helps in the growth of the roots.

With the help of Expanded Clay Hydroponics, you can manage nutrients and pH levels of the plants properly and accurately. This technique also allows the householders to use the farming skills indoors where they can control temperatures and light accordingly. If you are living in areas with poor quality of soil, this technique can specifically help produce high-quality plants and flowers at home without any issue. As compared to the traditional crop growing method, hydroculture can give you the following advantages.

Affordability of the Process

When it comes to gardening, many households find it costlier to get hold of a plant and maintain it lifelong. However, when it comes to Hydroponics or hydroculture process, it is easier for you to learn and produce desirable outcomes at affordable rates. It is because the investment in exaggerated clay is much affordable than using the soil. It is because the pebbles can absorb nutrients and minerals at a faster rate. This type of method can suit the gardening level of all the aspects without increasing your budget.

Labor Cost and Efforts

When it comes to gardening, the individual householder is forced to hire gardeners and other people to take proper care of it. Even if the garden is small, without the aid of professionals, you won't take care of your plants carefully. Soil needs more effort and workforce. However, when it comes to expanded clay, you don't need to spend much energy and resources to tend with the roots. In natural method, you are required to do extra work such as pushing wheelbarrows, tilling, and pulling weeds. However, when you are using expanded clay, you have to enjoy the stress-free gardening time.

Higher yields every time

If you are using a hydroculture system, you would see the difference between the productivity of a soil-based and an expanded clay-based plant. Using the inorganic medium, you can grow plants in smaller areas at a faster rate. It can ensure to give you doubled and even tripled yields by the end of the season.

Saving water

When it comes to Expanded Clay Aggregate, it can absorb more water than anything else. You can provide more water to the roots that enhances the efficiency of the plans. That means as compared to soil-based gardens, less percentage of water is used in a place with expanded clay.

Balance nutrition to the plants

With the soil as the main ingredient, the gardener would always have to rely on natural phenomena when it comes to the provision of minerals and nutrients to the plants. However, with the help of a hydroponic technique, you are in charge of balancing the nutrients in the root of the plants. The gardeners mostly use this method because they can rely on the technique to correct deficiencies on time. Such aspects make it easier for the gardener plan the growth of plants and flowers quickly.


You need to consider getting Structural Lightweight Concrete to ensure that plants can grow quickly without thinking about maintenance issues. You can produce better results at affordable rates while using expanded clay as the main ingredient. It ensures to absorb more nutrients and minerals through water and provide it to roots directly.

- Udeet J Banker

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