Lightweight ECA® Solid Precast Concrete Construction Wall Panel

Lightweight ECA Precast Concrete Construction Wall Panel

A construction wall panel of high quality is a vital construction component to many buildings, professional or residential, worldwide. High standards are important here, and since there are an array of options available, most of them are different versions of Lightweight ECA® Solid Precast Concrete Construction Wall Panel

It is our belief that Expanded Clay Aggregate, or an ECA® precast concrete construction wall panel, is by far the best choice that can be made for a Solid wall panel construction. Let’s take a look at the differences.

About ECA® Precast Concrete Construction Wall Panel.

ECA® Precast Concrete Construction Wall Panel is panel wall construction that is sturdy and easy to assemble in place. They are Solid construction panels, light in weight, non-load bearing, room-high partition wall panel that are high on compressive strength. ECA® Solid Precast Concrete Construction wall panels are the partition wall panels of the highest quality as the industrialized production process translates into precise panel dimensions and flat panel surfaces. They are quick and easy to install – no plastering is needed at the construction site. Typically made with an innovative technology using Cement, Class “F” Fly Ash, Expanded Clay Aggregate (Leca or ECA®) and Reinforcement. It offers great protection against temperature variations and moisture. Also, ECA® Precast Concrete Construction Wall Panel will muffle sounds coming from other locations within a building providing superior acoustic insulation. Overall, they make for an easy wall panel installation process.

ECA® Solid Precast Concrete Construction wall panel.
Size: 600 mm W X 3000 mm H X 75 mm thickness
Made from: ECA ®, Class F Fly ash, Cement with Reinforcement
Panel Type: Solid (Not Hollow)
An extremely durable, sustainable, and energy-efficient high-performance material Expanded Clay Aggregate

Lightweight ECA Precast Concrete Construction Wall Panel

What is an Expanded Clay Aggregate Precast Concrete Construction Wall Panel?

If you’re looking for a quick and efficient wall panel installation, then you’ll find that ECA®, or Expanded Clay Aggregate wall panel systems are perfect for you. Constructed from ECA®, fly ash, cement and reinforcement.

ECA® and Class “F” Fly Ash: Expanded Clay Aggregate makes for wall panel systems that are incredibly flexible. When the clay is melted and formed, you get a honeycomb like finish. Fly ash is the ash from a furnace or other burning system that escapes into the air.

These two elements combined with cement and reinforcement make for an incredibly flexible shape, finish and overall design. With the ability to deter external and internal sounds from entering rooms paneled by ECA® construction wall panel and extreme durability, there should be no other choice.

AAC Panel Construction vs. ECA® Precast Concrete Construction Wall Panel

AAC stands for Autoclaved Aerated Concrete and is a form of the wall panel. AAC wall panel construction is common in concrete masonry. It provides structure, mold and heat/fire resistance. However, AAC doesn’t offer the flexibility that you’ll find with an ECA® precast concrete construction wall panel. The ease of installation is similar, but in most situations, ECA® being Inert and durable has the ability to outlast AAC in quality and endurance over time. Wall panel manufacturing India-based companies have begun to use ECA® as an exclusive base for many of the wall panels produced.

Sandwich Panel Wall vs. ECA® Precast Concrete Construction Wall Panel 

Let’s start by touching on what sandwich panel wall construction is. Any structure is made of three layers, with a low-density consistency in the core and a thin layer on each side. The thinner layer is kind of like skin. Typically, sandwich panels are used when the structure requires a rigid aspect with a low-weight panel.

ECA® precast concrete construction wall panels can outweigh the benefits of sandwich panels in every situation. ECA® panels have the ability to give a rigid aspect to a structure with incredibly low weight, all while keeping flexibility that stops the panel from wearing away over time. They make a wonderful substitution for sandwich panel wall construction.

EPS Panel Construction vs. ECA® Precast Concrete Construction Wall Panel

Expanded Polystyrene, also known as EPS, is a super lightweight plastic material that is used in panel construction. EPS wall panel construction is pretty remarkable and is available in a wide range of densities that tailor it to different builds and construction projects. The weight of EPS panels can sometimes prove to be an issue.

ECA® panels have the same flexible and lightweight properties as EPS, but they are sturdier. If you use ECA® in the place of EPS, you’ll find yourself with a durable and reliable outcome every time. No guessing, just quality.

Making an Educated Decision

There are many choices available when it comes to wall panels for construction projects, remodels, and updates. While it’s important to go with the option that will work best for you, ECA® precast concrete construction panels come with high regard and recommendation.

Choosing wall panels is an important aspect of your project. Whether an office building or luxury apartment, you should have the best paneling available. Panels that will give you endurance and a finished product that you can stand behind. Don’t hesitate to reach out today with questions and concerns!

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