Why use structural lightweight concrete?
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Why use structural lightweight concrete?

Why use structural lightweight concrete?

2019-07-22 07:47:45

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The structural lightweight concrete is made by replacing the whole or a part of ordinary aggregate with artificial one which is formed by expanded clay. It is used to create structures such as beams, piles, and floors, cast on-site or prefabricated. It is produced using rotary kiln which helps solve the problem of excessive weight and durability in buildings and exposed structures. It is known to be 25% to 35% lighter than regular concrete. Here are some reasons to use structural lightweight concrete

Reduced Cost:-

It is a known fact that structural lightweight concrete is cost-efficient. It offers design flexibility which is not available in regular form. It has improved seismic structural response, longer spans, better fire ratings, and has thinner sections. It has decreased story height and smaller structural members compared to regular ones. It requires less reinforcing steel which saves a great amount of money and it also lowers the foundation costs. With such distinctive advantages, there is no doubt it saves a lot of money and effort. 

Easier Transportation:-

As the structures are huge and a lot of weight, it is difficult to transport them. The regular concrete needs to be created at the construction site and needs worker and equipment to carry it up. The structural lightweight concrete can be created in a comfortable working environment and transported easily to the place where it just needs to be placed on the mark. It saves a lot of labour cost and effort as well as the transportation cost of getting the materials required. The size and weight of the lightweight aggregate make it easier to transport. It looks like a panel which just needs to be placed as a wall or roof of the building. 

Fire, Sound and Earthquake Resistance:-

The structural lightweight concrete is known to be fireproof due to the properties it contains. It is just one of the many advantages of using structural lightweight concrete as it is even used for soundproofing. The major safety concern of the home or office catching fire easily is taken care of by using it. There are privacy concerns at home and offices which are easily resolved using lightweight aggregate concrete. The conference room, recording studio, homes in busy areas, use it to prevent unnecessary sound from entering the place. In studios, it is also used to create an acoustic spot. During earthquakes, the lightweight concrete doesn’t crack or break as it more flexible and cures itself with its properties. 


The structural lightweight concrete is known to be so durable that is used in making bridges, ships, and buildings. It is even durable at places with extreme weather conditions. Its eco-friendly approach is what makes it an even better choice compared to any other form of concrete. It is made from 100% natural materials and has thermal insulation, high compression, and resistance to water absorption which helps make it more durable. 


The structural lightweight concrete is better in every way possible compared to regular concrete. There is no doubt that it is the right option to choose for its various beneficial properties as well as added advantages such as cost reduction, weight reduction, resistance to fire, water, and earthquake safety. It eco-friendly and non-toxic production makes it environmentally friendly as well which indirectly benefits us. 

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- Udeet J Banker

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