Structural Lightweight Concrete: Construction and Sustainability.
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Structural Lightweight Concrete: Construction and Sustainability.

Structural Lightweight Concrete: Construction and Sustainability.

2019-11-08 02:26:02

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Lightweight aggregate plays a vital role in the sustainable development of society, today and into the future. Providing a valuable resource in the sustainable construction of concrete structures enables new practices and insights that can extend the life expectancy and performance of pavements, buildings, and bridges.

Nowadays,Structural Lightweight Concrete is a crucial part of the construction industry. It is also preferred by many due to its improved sound insulation, thermal properties, and reduced mass. Despite having a reduced mass, however, it still maintains adequate strength and stays durable during construction. Its density is also less than that of a standard concrete because it uses lightweight coarse aggregates or lightweight fine aggregates.

These Lightweight Aggregates are clay, expanded shale, and other slate materials like that have been heated in a rotary kiln to achieve the porous structure like Hydroponic Clay Balls. An air-cooled blast furnace is also sometimes used to achieve this effect, although this is a much longer process to produce the same result.

This concrete actually has a density of one hundred and five pounds per cubic foot; compared to standard concrete with a density of one hundred and fifty pounds per cubic foot.

Recently a New Type of Lightweight Concrete has been developed. It combines the advantages of cellular concrete and normal aggregate. Hence, it is durable and well insulated. It has good sound and thermal insulation. It was made using an admixture that introduces bubbles into the cement mixture while mixing. Because of this, it can be combined with both lightweight and normal aggregate. It is ideal to be used in layered or sandwich construction.

This concrete is mainly used to reduce the total weight or load of a concrete structure. This enables the structural designer to reduce the size of footings, columns, and other elements. It also produces a higher fire-rated structure, which is why it is typically used for roofing, flooring, precast walls, and other building components that do not bear the load. Plus lighter concrete has better thermal insulating quality.

The incorporation of this material additionally enables the increased hydration of cement, enhances the energy performance of structures, reduces the total cost of ownership of structures built with concrete utilizing this resource, as well as reduces the environmental impacts traditionally associated with construction and the transportation of construction materials.

Advantages of using lightweight concrete:

  1. Light in weight
  2. High compressive strength
  3. Non-toxic and eco-friendly
  4. Excellent sound insulation
  5. Low coefficient of thermal expansion
  6. Excellent fire resistant
  7. It saves electricity and so many others!

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- Udeet J Banker

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