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About Us

We are Rivashaa Eco Design Solutions P Ltd - an Architecture and Building Design consultants with a twist of 'Green'. We don't just WOW our clients with beautiful and ingenious green design solutions, but also constantly challenge the status quo and keep upping the benchmark by introducing Innovative Sustainable Architectural & Building Solutions.

Rivashaa Eco Design Solutions is a professional organization which intends to address the global agenda of reducing carbon emissions and restore the natural beauty and bliss of the pale blue dot of our Solar System. And this, we intend to achieve not just through innovations and affordable solutions, but through the collective experience and passion of its team members - Out of the two founding members, one is a very experienced doctor-cum-entrepreneur and the other is a successful and energetic entrepreneur from the pharmaceutical business. The mentors and the guiding forces include very experienced doctors, entrepreneurs, a wise, strategic and creative brand building professional, an astute advocate specializing in Intellectual Property Rights and a ceramic product designer.

With this website, we want to introduce to you yet another amazing sustainable building material which is going to take the world by storm. For the 1st time in INDIA, Rivashaa Eco Design Solutions introduces Expanded Clay Aggregate, ECA ®  manufactured by its group named Nexus Buildcon Solutions for applications like Lightweight High Strength Structural Concrete, Precast and Prefab Industries, Thermal and Sound Insulation Concrete and Mortars, Landscaping, Agriculture, Horticulture, Construction Blocks and Tiles, Plastering, PCC, Waste Water treatment, Petrochemicals Oil and Gas, Geotechnical and related construction and many versatile applications.

Rivashaa Eco Design Solutions main motto is to proclaim to the sustainable organizations, green and sustainable architects, green building consultants, participants for green building innovations technologies in startup India and the world that, like Rivashaa Eco Design Solutions, if you too are serious in making India the ultimate case-study of the most ecologically sustainable country in the world, then, this website of ours is where it all begins.

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