Essential Information About Construction Aggregates
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Essential Information About Construction Aggregates

Essential Information About Construction Aggregates

2019-07-03 03:52:26

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Aggregate commonly consists of sand, crushed stone, gravel (pebbles), and other coarse substances. This is generally useful for the purpose of mixing cement, lime, bitumen, gypsum to form concrete or mortar. It helps bring stability, volume, resistance to wear or erosion and is useful to make concrete slabs.

The raw material is essential for the construction of small houses, roads, skyscrapers, etc. Construction aggregates are the basic material for all construction work and help lay a strong foundation. There is a 'Green' alternative to construction aggregate known as Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA). It is extremely lightweight and used on its own or combined with concrete.

This article describes types of construction aggregates, benefits of using expanded clay aggregates and provides a brief introduction to ECA construction wall panel.

Types of Construction Aggregates

Construction aggregate is coarse to medium-grained particulate material that is useful for construction-work. It is often referred to as simply aggregate as well. This includes material like sand, gravel, crushed stone, etc. This material happens to be the most mined material in the world and is an important component of composite materials like concrete and asphalt concrete.

Popular types of Aggregate:

  1. Crushed stone: As the name suggests this is obtained by crushing rock to a desired shape or texture. The procedure to obtain such rocks includes mining rocks and breaking them to the proper size. This type of aggregate can be coarse or fine as per specifications.
  2. Gravel: Gravel deposits are obtained via the natural process of weathering and erosion of rocks are mainly useful for the construction of roads.
  3. Sand: Sand is available naturally and is essentially composed of fine rock material and mineral particles. However, the composition of the sand depends on the source as well it is an essential construction material.
  4. Lightweight Aggregates: This type of aggregate is either from natural resources or man-made material. The main natural resource useful for this is volcanic material like perlited, vermiculite, clay, shale and slate.

Benefits of Expanded Clay Aggregate

Expanded clay aggregate is a lightweight aggregate that is produced by heating clay to a high temperature of 1200 degrees in a rotary kiln. This releases gases which result in creating thousands of small bubbles to produce a honeycomb structure. This is very useful when producing lightweight concrete products and has several other applications as well.

There are several benefits of using expanded clay aggregate (ECA) as listed here:

  1. It is 100% inert thus, it can be reusable multiple numbers of times.
  2. It is light in weight which means it can effectively reduce the load by 40% to 50%.
  3. The compressive strength is very high which an added advantage is.
  4. It possesses a microporous structure which is essentially a honeycombed structure of interconnecting voids.
  5. It is completely eco-friendly (green material) sustainable material.
  6. It has useful properties like good water absorption, good water drainage and also is a non-toxic material.
  7. This type of aggregate provides excellent thermal insulation and good surface alkalinity.
  8. This material provides good sound insulation as well and is very efficient as far as resistance is concerned.
  9. It is earthquake resistant and also insect proof.

ECA Construction wall panels

Rivashaa Eco Design Solutions providing building solutions for construction, but they are a 'Green' company and provide environmentally friendly material. We are the best ECA aggregate supplier. We offer a wide range of ECA aggregate products online and ensure fast delivery as well. This very versatile material and hence has a wide range of applications. We ensure high-quality products, provide good customer service and guarantee shipping and delivery. ECA construction wall panel will be the best choice for solid wall panel construction.

- Udeet J Banker
  • Alex Toh 2021-12-26 21:07:29

    Can you explain, "good water absorption and water drainage" ? Isnt this two are conflicting? I am looking to replace "gravel" for cheap, lightweight, good drainage, and anti insect.

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