ECA ® Thermal Insulation Flooring Block

Thermal Insulation Flooring Block

Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA ®) Thermal Insulation Flooring Block

ECA ® Thermal Insulation Flooring Block is a composite material made from Cement, Fly Ash and Expanded Clay Aggregates (ECA ®)ECA ® Thermal Insulation Flooring Block is introduced 1st time in India. The product is capable of offering excellent thermal insulation with a temperature difference up to 11°C. (Standard conditions applicable)

Key Features of the product

  • Improves the thermal behavior of the building and saves electricity consumption.
  • High thermal insulation efficiency, which does not change with time.
  • Protects from thermal cycling effects and increases the building life.
  • Light in weight and strong.
  • Easy application and maintenance free.


Same as conventional ceramic tile laying technique with 4-5 mm groove between flooring blocks.

P.S. Waterproofing is must before laying the ECA ® thermal insulation flooring blocks.

Groove Fill

After setting of Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA ®) thermal insulation flooring blocks, fill the joints by mixture of fine sand + normal cement mortar or any other cementitious material.

Application: Lightweight Roof Top Thermal InsulationFlooring Insulation, Podium Landscapes, Hardscapes and the like.

Moisture content: Nil (Sample preheated at 70 °C in oven for 24 hours before testing for thermal conductivity)

Test method : Guarded Hot Plate Method as per ASTM C177 and ISO 8302

Dimensions 300 mm X 300 mm X 40 mm
Density (as tested) 608.377 kg/m3
Unit Weight 2.2 kgs – 2.5 kgs
Thermal conductivity at 30.2ºC specimen
mean temperature
0.1779 W/mK
Thermal Resistance for
40 mm thickness
0.2305 m2K/W
Surface Finish Smooth & Partially Rough
( Ideal for Paint Application, Ceramic Tile, China Mosaic or any other exposed application )
Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient ( U Value ) 2.6532 W/m²K