ECA ® Thermal Insulation Flooring Block

Thermal Insulation Flooring Block

Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA ®) Thermal Insulation Flooring Block

Thermal Insulation - An interesting subject!

What is Thermal insulation?

It is the process of reduction of the heat transfer - in simple words the transfer of thermal energy between objects of differing temperature between objects in thermal contact or in range of radiative influence. The heat flow is an inevitable consequence of contact between objects of different temperatures. Thermal insulation provides a region of insulation in which thermal conduction is reduced, creating a thermal break or thermal barrier.

Each thermal insulation material is having the insulating capability and is measured as the inverse of thermal conductivity (k). Low thermal conductivity is equivalent to high insulating capability (resistance value). In thermal engineering, other important properties of insulating materials are product density (ρ) and specific heat capacity (c).

ECA ® Thermal Insulation Flooring Block is a composite material made from Cement, Fly Ash, and Expanded Clay Aggregates (ECA ®). They are most preferred in place of thermal insulation sheet available in the market for the roofs and floors. Mass scale and small scale projects prefer ECA ® Thermal Insulation Flooring Block or thermal insulation mortar because its light in weight, manufactured from 100% inert light expanded clay aggregate which is durable, offers thermal insulation by low thermal conductivity coefficient (as low as 0.097 W/mK), offers soundproofing by high acoustic insulation, moisture impermeability, being incompressible under permanent pressure and gravity loads, not decomposing in severe conditions, fire resistance, a pH of nearly 7, freezing and melting resistance, easy movement and transportation and is introduced 1st time in India. It makes the product stand out as the best and most cost-effective thermal insulation material in the market today in India. The product is capable of offering excellent thermal insulation with a temperature difference of up to 11°C. (Standard conditions applicable)

When you are considering a product or a material for Thermal insulation roof or floor or for Building Insulation or for manufacturing heat insulation tiles or plastering the walls for thermal insulation in buildings, expanded clay aggregate is your preferred choice.

P.S.: We support the manufacture with the mix design and the manufacturing technology which can help them develop their own product line using expanded clay aggregate.

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Key Features of the product

  • Improves the thermal behavior of the building and saves electricity consumption. The temperature difference of up to 11°C.
  • High thermal insulation efficiency, which does not change with time.
  • Protects from thermal cycling effects and increases the building life.
  • Light in weight and strong.
  • Easy application and maintenance free.


Same as conventional ceramic tile laying technique with 4-5 mm groove between flooring blocks.

P.S. Waterproofing is must before laying the ECA ® thermal insulation flooring blocks.

Groove Fill

After setting of Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA ®) thermal insulation flooring blocks, fill the joints by mixture of fine sand + normal cement mortar or any other cementitious material.

Application: Lightweight Roof Top Thermal InsulationFlooring Insulation, Podium Landscapes, Hardscapes and the like.

Moisture content: Nil (Sample preheated at 70 °C in oven for 24 hours before testing for thermal conductivity)

Test method : Guarded Hot Plate Method as per ASTM C177 and ISO 8302

Dimensions 300 mm X 300 mm X 40 mm
Density (as tested) 608.377 kg/m3
Unit Weight 2.2 kgs – 2.5 kgs
Thermal conductivity at 30.2ºC specimen
mean temperature
0.1779 W/mK
Thermal Resistance for
40 mm thickness
0.2305 m2K/W
Surface Finish Smooth & Partially Rough
( Ideal for Paint Application, Ceramic Tile, China Mosaic or any other exposed application )
Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient ( U Value ) 2.6532 W/m²K

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