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Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA ®) is used extensively in floors and Roofs, both loose on its own or mixed with binders (cement, lime, resins, etc...).

To fully exploit the insulating and lightness characteristics of granular expanded clay, the material should be laid loose on the floor or roof and simply levelled to the thickness desired (with slight falls if required). If the top surface is not to be walkable, it can be left as it is, otherwise it must be covered with a layer of another material (various types of panel, a screed, a non-structural or structural floor slab, or plant growth soil).

Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA ®) binds easily with cement to give a lightweight concrete floor with better mechanical strength as compared to the loose product. These concrete mixes can be prepared using ordinary batchers or mixers.

This material can also be mixed with other binders, such as hydraulic lime and resins.

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