Here's how Structural Lightweight Concrete is Important in a Developing Country Like India
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Here's how Structural Lightweight Concrete is Important in a Developing Country Like India

Here's how Structural Lightweight Concrete is Important in a Developing Country Like India

2020-09-29 05:50:08

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One of the most distinguishing features of modern society is our desire to produce the things we need, whether it be food, shelter, or clothes, and being an integral part of the construction industry, concrete is possibly one of the most important parts of growth today. Indeed, India is currently the second-largest producer of cement in the world, one of the key components of concrete. We've seen initiatives such as the construction of 98 smart cities in the country, along with the reliance of a number of industries on concrete, including housing and real estate, have given a huge boost to the sector.

The key explanation for the growing popularity of Structural Lightweight Concrete over standard concrete in the construction sector that we agree is that it has strengths comparable to traditional concrete and yet is usually 25 to 50 percent lighter, just like aluminum is to steel in the automotive industry.

Low concrete density is accomplished by using low-density aggregates and a particular concrete mix design that helps to provide substantially higher building design versatility than standard concrete, along with improved cost savings.

As a result, our Structural Lightweight Concrete can be commonly used in high-rise building top floors, long-span bridges, steel structures, marine structures because of its low density, toughness, endurance, and resistance to freezing and thawing.

Owing to its lower thermal conductivity, lower thermal expansion coefficient, and the inherent fire resilience of aggregates, Structural Lightweight Concrete also has far greater fire resistance compared to traditional concretes, since they are already burned to over 1000 ° C. Buildings built using Structural Lightweight Concrete have greater resistance than standard concrete to exposure to natural elements.

In addition, the excellent performance of structural lightweight concrete with expanded shale, clay, or slate toughness is attributed to the aggregate's ceramic nature, along with its outstanding bond and elastic compatibility with the cementation matrix. The cellular structure of lightweight structural aggregates also promotes internal healing by water entrainment, which is particularly advantageous for high-performance concrete (HPC) as internal healing strengthens the contact region, which helps to reduce microcrack.

In several cases, the permissions for higher floors are often postponed or granted after completion of the building due to the building height regulations in Indian Metros. It is typically a major problem to add a few floors above the current structures with tremendous commercial advantage and a lot of technical difficulties, mainly the capacity of the load-bearing members of the existing structures to withstand the additional load from the additional floors. The highly efficient strength-to-weight ratio, perfect tensile, and elastic properties of Structural Lightweight Concrete make it excellent for this form of modification, reconstruction, or expansion of existing structures to add additional stories without the need to change the structures be it concrete or steel frame structures.

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- Udeet J Banker

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