Water Treatment and Filtration with EXPANDED CLAY AGGREGATES ECA
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Water Treatment and Filtration with EXPANDED CLAY AGGREGATES ECA

Water Treatment and Filtration with EXPANDED CLAY AGGREGATES ECA

2020-12-20 23:32:25

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We have cited the performance benefits and properties of this revolutionary aggregate and its contribution to the field of water treatment, water filtration, and air filtration. Please note that our scope will remain limited to the manufacturing and supply of the aggregates.

Each of our customers does undergo the evaluation and trials based on their influent water characteristics and their expected treated water requirements and design their specifications and requirements for consumption of expanded clay aggregates.

ECA media, with its highly porous structure, enables improved filter efficiency by longer filter runs between backwashes, which means reduced energy and water consumption and higher water production, consequently giving reduced operating costs. Further, it also enables a large microbial growth surface for biological filtration.

Expanded Clay Aggregates offers a good storage capacity for biofilm and excellent permeability results in low-pressure loss and long service time, which means reduced operational costs for any treatment effort. The porous structure absorbs and holds water like a reservoir which eases water trickling.

Expanded Clay Aggregate is an excellent media for nitrification and denitrification. It removes or reduces phosphorus, arsenic, metals, grease, oils, and more. Its properties help combines nutrient removal and effluent filtration for a cleaner discharge. With Expanded Clay Aggregates, one can easily employ ion exchange to enhance the treatment process while also removing TSS and solid material to prevent clogging.

Expanded Clay Aggregates also act as an Air Filter Material and has a sorption capacity towards Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and other odors so the filter will start removing odor even before the biofilm has begun to establish.

As Expanded Clay Aggregate comes in the sizes of 0-30 mm in both rounds and crushed forms, they are preferred and widely used as a replacement to sand and graveli.e., traditional aggregates. It has in its honeycombed structure of interconnecting voids the carbon content within the aggregate as ECA is produced at 1200 O C in a rotary kiln.

Enclosed are the size and density charts along with the reports, material safety data sheets, and some case study presentations for your ready reference. As this is a volumetric product, we will need the cubic feet to enable us to suggest the aggregates quantity. However, the packing for ECA comes in 50-liter bags, and each 50-liter bag will cover 1.75 CFT of Volume.

We suggest you order the evaluation samples by visiting the below-mentioned link and undertake the trials which will help give you a better picture of the functionality and viability of Expanded Clay Aggregates into your existing systems which have been integrated.

You may visit https://www.expandedclayaggregate.com/expanded-clay-leca-samples.html for ordering the evaluation samples

- Udeet J Banker

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