What to Expect From Construction Industry in 2019?
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What to Expect From Construction Industry in 2019?

What to Expect From Construction Industry in 2019?

2019-03-28 07:06:32

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Construction is one of the important industries contributing to the development of the modern world. Over the years, the construction industry has thrived with innovation and enhancements in the traditional approaches.

Like every other industry, the construction industry is also getting greener. As a result, in 2019, green technology is making its way with many environmentally responsible and resource-efficient projects. Construction aggregates are also becoming a part of this green movement.

If you are an enthusiast in the construction industry, let’s find out some of the predicted trends of Construction industries in 2019.

Improved Construction Software

Like we said above, technology is advancing in every field; you can see its impact in the construction management software as well. Real-time collaboration software is playing a vital role in the manufacturing of the entire building. Data ecosystem is going to rock in 2019 where all the major industry peers will combine and share their data, experiences, and knowledge. In addition, an improved integrated and affordable software will help for the construction process from tip to toe.

Ariel Influence

Drones are going to stay for much longer. These drones are equipped with a camera and other electronic devices for collecting data from the sky. They are great for site inspections, creating 3D prints, collect data, capture the progress stages, and get access to the remote location. Soon, drone price is expected to fall and with that, its usage will increase considerably.

Green Technology

The green construction, which started a few years back, will continue in 2019. Its intention was to create resource-efficient and environmentally responsible construction projects. Every construction project is designed in a way that plays its part in supporting this mission. In fact, every aspect of the construction industry including design, planning, knocking down and cleanup is included in the green technology and design construction.


Where green technology is focusing on eliminating the carbon footprints, sustainability is on a bigger mission. Sustainability means, maintaining the natural balance while evolving the life standards. In future, the construction industry is going to pay more attention to aspects like preservation of the natural environment, optimum use of resources and encourage the social culture. For instance, designs utilizing natural resources, environment-friendly designs, and aggregates.

Self-healing Concrete

Concrete is one of the most inevitable components in the construction process. Many industry experts have believed that self-healing concrete is going to be used to make roads, buildings, and homes. They are smart aggregates that can cure it and provide great support to the construction. Many construction aggregate companies are working to develop this special concrete for efficient and improved construction in the near future.

Prefabricated Building

The modular home's concept is already a big hit among the millennials. People are looking for more affordable, modern and close to nature homes. Prefabricated buildings and modular homes are easy to construct and less expensive due to the efficient building process. The off-site construction is also trending. Printing and designing of building structure or blocks are completed in the factories and then brought to the site for assembling. In addition, the scrap or residues can be recycled immediately in the factories.

Augmented Reality

Virtual reality was one of the emerging trends from the past few years. However, when compared with the benefits and uses of augmented reality, it will soon vanish. In augmented reality, we can preview the construction possibilities and visualize the real world with the lens. This trend is an innovative edition and comes along with a costly price tag. Hence, only big budget companies will be able to take their advantage. Most excitingly, some experts say that it can enable planning and plotting without breaking the ground.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

BIM is the hottest buzz in the construction technology world. You can consider BIM as the fuel that is changing the way we use to design and develop the project. You can unlock a different level of programming such as 4D or 5D BIM. You will find more accuracy and evolution in the construction process, which will make it more productive and affordable. In 2019, BIM can be a game-changer for construction and will enable detailed analyses of the projects in a more transparent and collaborative environment.

Wrapping it up!

Undoubtedly, 2019 is going to be a great year for the construction industry. We can hope a data-driven approach with transparent communication will knock the construction industry doors soon to bring up high productivity and fewer projects delay.

- Udeet J Banker

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