Why LECA Is The Best Water Filtration Media For Waste Water Treatment
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Why LECA Is The Best Water Filtration Media For Waste Water Treatment

Why LECA Is The Best Water Filtration Media For Waste Water Treatment

2021-04-08 06:52:52

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Why LECA Is The Best Water Filtration Media For Waste Water Treatment

Many different types of media are used in wastewater treatment, including sand, carbon, and even materials like nutshells and shredded rubber tires. But if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to filter water and to encourage the removal of ammonia via nitrification, LECA (light expanded clay aggregate) is an excellent choice for filtration media. Let’s take a deeper look at LECA pellets now, and explain why they’re so useful for water filtration and wastewater treatment.

What Is LECA And How Does It Help With Waste Water Treatment?

Wondering what light expanded clay aggregate is, and how it helps with water treatment, removal of ammonia, nitrification, and other steps in the water filtration process? Let’s discuss the basics of LECA pebbles and how they’re made.

LECA (light expanded clay aggregate) pebbles are made from clay using special rotary kilns that heat up to 1200°C. When they spin and expand, thousands of tiny air bubbles form inside the clay as it expands and creates round or oval LECA pebbles.

Light expanded clay aggregate gets its name from the fact that it’s extremely lightweight compared to its size, due to the presence of gas bubbles within the clay. LECA is used as an aggregate for concrete, but also is useful as a water filtration media. Let’s explore its benefits in wastewater treatment and water filtration now, and discuss why it’s the best filter media for use as a biofilter and in wastewater treatment.

The Benefits of Using LECA Pebbles As A Biofilter & Water Filtration Media

Now that you understand the basics of light expanded clay aggregate and how it’s made, let’s discuss the benefits it has compared to other filtration media like sand, carbon, and other common wastewater filtration media. Here are just a few reasons it’s widely considered to be the best filter media for water treatment.

  • Unparalleled longevity – LECA is made of clay, which will never degrade or deteriorate. You don’t have to worry about periodic sand replacement to keep your filter media clean and fully functional. LECA pebbles require minimal maintenance and last a long time.
  • Easy to backwash – If your facility needs to backwash to clean your filter media, LECA is a great choice as a sand replacement. The tiny air pockets in the pebbles mean that water and compressed air can be used to easily clean away contaminants and maintain the filter media, making it one of the best filter media options for facilities using backwashing.
  • Extremely high surface area – LECA is a good sand replacement because it has a similarly high surface area. The tiny bubbles and air pockets throughout the filter media mean that the surface area is similar to sand, carbon, and other popular types of filtration media.
  • Dual-action filtration – LECA can be used as a sand replacement to catch and filter both physical and biological contaminants in waste water treatment plants. This simplifies the process of setting up and maintaining the filtration media since LECA can be used for both parts of the filtration process.
  • Excellent drainage – The porous structure of LECA allows it to provide fast, excellent drainage while still maintaining great filtration properties. This makes it a superior sand replacement, especially in high-volume applications where water may take a very long time to filter through traditional sand beds.

Choose The Best Biological Filter Media – Light Expanded Clay Aggregate

For all of the above reasons, light expanded clay aggregate is an excellent sand replacement for your current filter media at water treatment facilities. It’s long-lasting, durable, and can be cleaned easily for long-term use with backwash techniques. Not only that, but it filters both physical and biological contaminants.

The high surface area means that LECA pebbles are one of the best biological filter media available for water treatment. So don’t wait. Continue to explore the opportunities offered by this novel filter media, and learn more about using light expanded clay aggregate as the best filter media at your treatment facility.

- Udeet J Banker

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