The Benefits Of Expanded Clay Aggregates In Aquaponics
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The Benefits Of Expanded Clay Aggregates In Aquaponics

The Benefits Of Expanded Clay Aggregates In Aquaponics

2020-11-04 00:58:30

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Light Expanded Clay Aggregates is a type of expanded clay aggregates known as ECA®.

They have many different uses in industries, including aquaponics and hydroponics.

ECA® is ideal for the cultivation and growth of various plants and supporting farm-grown fish's health.

Aquaponics is the practice of growing both plants and raising fish in a collaborative, symbiotic environment.

In a recent study of aquaponics systems, it was observed that ECA® was an ideal growing medium for the growth of vegetables, including lettuce that was grown alongside rainbow trout in an aquaponics recirculation system.

In the experiment, the study authors found that the light expanded clay aggregates provided superior filtering capacity for removing ammonium, nitrate, and ortho-phosphate, amongst other minerals and contaminants, also more effectively purifying the water.

Oxygen levels were also found to be very high in the ECA® bed, promoting healthier plant growth and a healthier environment for the fish grown alongside the lettuce in the experiment.

In addition to these benefits, ECA® is highly versatile and completely reusable, and its lightweight property and ease of use make it superior to other growing mediums in hydroponics and aquaponics, such as gravel or sand. Expanded clay aggregates are ideal for aquaponics systems of all types and sizes.

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- Udeet J Banker

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