Benefits of ECA® Precast Concrete Construction Wall Panel

Benefit of ECA Precast Concrete Construction Wall Panel

  • Lightweight ( Reduces the structural load by 40-50 % )    
  • Environment-friendly - "GREEN" alternative to traditional construction materials.
  • Excellent thermal insulation properties
  • Excellent sound or acoustic Insulation properties
  • Superior compressive strength ( earthquake resistant )
  • Non-Reactive ( strong chemical resistance against acidic and alkaline substances )
  • Fire-resistant – EUROCLASS 1
  • Resistant to water absorption
  • Termite and pest resistant
  • Easy to modify ( can be carved, drilled, nailed and shaped easily )
  • Concealed or conventional wirings and pipes installed with ease.
  • Ease of coating with paint.
  • Saves overall construction cost ( mortar expense reduced to 70 % )
  • Coping vertically or horizontally NOT required
  • Easy installation with regular cement mortar
  • Time and labor saving solution.

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