Structural Lightweight ECA Concrete
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Structural Lightweight ECA Concrete

Structural Lightweight ECA Concrete

2018-12-17 05:29:15

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Expanded Clay Aggregate Structural Concrete, also known as Structural Lightweight ECA concrete, is an advanced lightweight, green construction material – and it offers a number of great benefits, including cost savings, design flexibility, and proven performance when used in sustainable construction and “Green Buildings.” Learn more about this unique product now!

What Is Structural Lightweight ECA ® Concrete?

This type of concrete product uses a specialized type of expanded clay to provide additional support and structure to concrete, and increase density and compressive strength while reducing weight. This results in lower structural dead load, and a higher overall strength of buildings and structures built with ECA ® concrete.

The ECA ® used in our products is 100% inert and lightweight. It also helps provide additional thermal and sound insulation when used in buildings, and the aggregate offers better fire resistance than other types of concrete.

Structural Lightweight ECA ® Concrete Offers Superior Performance At An Economical Cost

Our ECA ® Concrete aggregates are built to last, and created using environmentally-sustainable aggregates and additives. Despite this, though, ECA ® concrete is highly economical and affordable, making it a good choice for building projects of all sizes and budgets.

Porous and lightweight, yet extremely strong, our products can be used for geotechnical projects, landscaping, home and commercial buildings, industrial plants, and anywhere else that traditional concrete is used.

It’s ideal for any “Green” construction projects, as it’s a sustainable and renewable material, and it offers superior insulation, which can help your building meet LEED efficiency standards, and any other applicable environmental standards.

Get A Sample Or Enquire Further Today!

If you are interested in using ECA ® concrete for your next project, get in touch with us online right away. We’d be happy to discuss the technical specifications about our products, send you a sample, or give you a quote for the purchase of our ECA ® concrete aggregates.

- Udeet J Banker

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