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Solar Plants

  • During summer, solar plants collect and store heat for use in winter. In order to save the heat for winter, an insulating material consisting of Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA) is used.
  • Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA) can as well serve as great heat-insulator; it’s flexible and easy to use.
  • Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA) can be applied by blowing, using a blowing hose of about 90m to the exact place of application.
  • Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregates have been applied at Andasol plant located in the south of Spain. In an extension of 1.5 × 1.3 km² per plant, thousands of mirrors are waiting for solar radiation. During the night,
  • power production cannot stop and a salt solution at 400 ºC stores heat to continue normal power supply. This salt is in a liquid state inside a metallic tank.
  • From the results of the first use, contractors and consultants appeared  to be very encouraged.
  • Since 2006 a total of 20 plants have followed  Andasol plant. The last five plants have been constructed in Morocco and South Africa.