Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA), hydrocarbons, Pyrene, Phenath

Removing heavy metals

Removing heavy metals (Nickel, iron, lead, and chromium) and carcinogenic hydrocarbons (Pyrene, Phenatherene, and Fluoranthene) from contaminated water and effluents have become an important process in making our water bodies free from pollutant. Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA) or Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate (LECA) is used to remove heavy metals from contaminated water to make water portable.

The most widely used techniques for the removal of heavy metals and hydrocarbon from petrochemical industrial effluents are advanced treatment techniques such as:

Chemical Oxidation
and Reduction
Ion exchange

Most of these techniques have:

Operational difficulties
High maintenance costs
Use of costly mineral absorbents.

And all these counterbalance the efficiency and performance advantages.

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