New Lawn Construction

Heavy Clay Soils?

Soils that consist of tiny plate-like natural clay particles compact easily and lack pore spaces for air, water, and humus. Natural Clay particles hold moisture and further reduce the amount of available breathing air pore space which leads to difficulty for new lawn construction.

The solution being the application of new ECA® soil technology. ECA® growing media will help in the fastest development of Grass Lawn. This also facilitates the deep penetration of roots.

Filling Technique using ECA®

Top Layer


Middle Layer

60 %  of total volume, Mix with equal portion of  Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA®) (2-8 mm or 2-8 mm crushed ECA® ) + Normal Soil + Manure. This will be the Root Zone layer.

Bottom Layer

20 % of total volume, Fill up with Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA®) with the size of 8-15 mm to act as a drainage layer.