Precast Concrete Products


  • Precast concrete products using Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA®) can withstand the most harsh weather conditions and will hold up for many decades of constant usage.
  • Products which include the following; cattle feed bunks, bunker silos, cattle grid, H-bunks, agricultural fencing, J-bunks, livestock slats, watering trough, feed troughs, concrete panels, and more.
  • Pre-stressed concrete panels are widely used in the UK for a various type of applications and this include grain stores, agricultural buildings, slurry stores, silage clamps, livestock walling, and general retaining walls.
  • Panels can be cast into a concrete foundation and used as a cantilever retaining wall.


  • Precast concrete building segments and site amenities using Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA®) are used architecturally in the construction of curtain walls, trim products, cladding, fireplace mantel and accessories.
  • Structural applications of precast concrete using Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA®) include floors, beam, walls, foundations, and other structural segments.


  • Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA®) precast concrete provides the builders with the ability to produce various engineered earth retaining systems.
  • Products include: sea walls, residential retaining wall, commercial retaining wall, modular block systems, mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) panels, segmental retaining walls, and many more.


  • Sanitary and Storm water management products are structures designed for underground installation that have been specifically engineered for the treatment and removal of pollutants from sanitary and storm water run-off.
  • These precast concrete products using Expanded Clay Aggregate include catch basins, storm water detention vaults, and manholes.


  • Expanded Clay Aggregate precast concrete transportation products are used in the construction, safety and site protection of road, airport and railroad transportation systems.
  • Products include: box culverts, 3-sided culverts, bridge systems, railroad crossings, railroad ties, sound walls/barriers, Jersey barriers, tunnel segments, precast concrete barriers, TVCBs, central reservation barriers and other transportation products.
  • It can also be used to make underpasses, surface-passes and pedestrian subways, so that traffic in cities is disturbed for less amount of time.


  • For communications, electrical, gas or steam systems, Expanded Clay Aggregates (ECA®) precast concrete utility structures protect the vital connections and controls for utility distribution.
  • Expanded Clay Aggregates (ECA®) precast concrete is nontoxic and environmentally safe. Products include: hand holes, hollow-core products, light pole bases, meter boxes, panel vaults, pull boxes, telecommunications structures, transformer pads, transformer vaults, trenches, utility buildings, utility vaults, utility poles, controlled environment vaults (CEVs,) and other utility structures.

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