Building Renovation

One of the main concerns during building renovation is the condition of the building due to its load bearing capacity. If the building is old and made of heavy concrete, there are chances that the load of the building is also equally on very higher side. But there is a solution available. One of the materials with the greatest compressive strength among lightweight aggregates is Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA®). Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA®) gives it a significant position in the construction industry. 20% may be saved in reinforcing steel while up to 50% may be saved in heating–cooling expenses in buildings containing Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA®)..

Restorations, besides for floors, for all other types of casting (piles, bearing walls, beams, slabs, stairs, structures on shelves, etc.) that have to be lightened up not to weigh on pre-existing structures and foundations.

Structures in which the load is the main component of the operating loads (bridges with a long bay, concrete roof tiles, large pre-fabricated panels, floors with large clear spans, pedestrian platforms etc.). In these cases, in fact, the use of a lightweight concrete enables the creation of thinner structures with lower sections, hence less concrete and frames. The final result is aesthetically more pleasant besides being more convenient.

A key questing during building renovation is the load-bearing capacity of the existing structure including slabs, columns and foundation. They limit any option if it goes along with an increasing weight. Thus, structural lightweight concrete can provide a solution due to its unique combination of high strength and low density.

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