What are the applications of Expanded Clay Aggregate in the field of precast and prefabrication industries?

What are the applications of Expanded Clay Aggregate in the field of precast and prefabrication industries?

Light Expanded Clay Aggregate or ECA® is the Most Revolutionary Lightweight Green Construction Material Ever. Expanded Clay is a preferred lightweight aggregate for manufacturing prefab walls for houses, prefab retaining wall panels, prefab insulated walls, prefab wall frames, precast concrete cladding panels, precast rammed earth panels, prefabricated rammed earth panels, prefab wall panels, load-bearing precast concrete wall panels, precast concrete panels residential, prefab wall systems, precast concrete panels, concrete sandwich wall, prefab stud walls, precast concrete wall panels residential, architectural concrete panels, lightweight precast concrete panels, prefabricated stud walls, building with precast concrete panels, prestressed wall panels, prefabricated wood wall panels, prefab stone walls, prefabricated building panels, fast precast walls, precast exterior wall panels, concrete building panels, prefabricated wall panel manufacturers, precast concrete walls for homes, prefab interior wall systems, concrete retaining panels, prefab concrete retaining walls, prefabricated cement wall panels, panel concrete walls, pre formed concrete walls, prefabricated concrete wall panels, prefab exterior walls, prefab interior wall panels, prefab wood panels, architectural precast concrete wall panels, 20 ft concrete panels, precast partition walls, prefab wood wall panels, precast sandwich wall panels, precast insulated wall panels, prefabricated wood panels, wall concrete panels, insulated precast panels, preformed wall panels, concrete sandwich, precast concrete partition walls, prefabricated timber wall panels, prefabricated internal walls, precast concrete compound wall panels, concrete compound wall panels, prefabricated eifs panels, textured precast concrete panels, prefab brick panels, precast cement wall panels, insulated precast, concrete wall panels, precast load bearing wall, ribbed precast concrete panels, concrete planks for walls, panels for concrete walls, prefabricated wall panels house, ready made concrete wall panels, precast wall cladding, precast brick wall panels, precast concrete sandwich wall panels, decorative precast concrete wall panels, prefab stone wall panels, concrete panel, prefab house wall panels,prefabricated wainscoting, prefab concrete fence panels, prefab insulated panels, prefabricated interior walls, prefabricated house wall panels, thin precast concrete panels, concrete panels exterior, residential concrete wall panels, precast panel compound wall, prefabricated timber walls, concrete exterior panels, prefabricated concrete fence panels, rcc wall panel, rammed earth precast panels, industrial concrete wall panels, precast board formed concrete panels, prefab foam wall panels, precast concrete load bearing wall, precast concrete wall manufacturers, cast concrete panels, precast reinforced concrete panels, modular concrete panels,insulation panels for concrete walls, precast concrete brick panels, precast hollow core wall panels, precast concrete wall panel,precast concrete, tilt up walls, prefabricated drywall panels, precast panels for boundary wall, prefabricated metal stud wall panels, precast boundary wall panels, stone faced precast, concrete panels, cast concrete wall panels and precast concrete veneer panels

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