The selection of the correct building material is very critical when the building is expected to last long and remain steady even during natural calamities. The use of Expanded Clay Aggregate has been started in the early twentieth century and is being treated as environment friendly, low cost, durable construction material.

Expanded Clay Aggregate blocks and panels are primarily made of expanded clay, sand and cement. Due to the absence of organic material all constructions made of expanded clay blocks and panels are in all its constituent parts durable, predominantly blocks are frost resistance and have a more favourable water resistance and lower water absorption by capillary. An expanded clay wall in comparison to lighter construction products and methods is very resistant to general wear and tear, has good impact resistance and is an ideal product for the application of render, which further improves the walls durability.

Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA®) BLOCKS are masonry units manufactured using Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA), Class F fly ash and Cement. They are used for non-load bearing wall masonry. After application of a high-performance innovative technology of manufacturing and post curing process, Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA®) BLOCKS gains superior material properties.

It also offers no reduced shrinkage and a superior fire and chemical resistance adding to several advantages including durability, versatility, speed and ease-of-use as well as cost benefits and environmental considerations.

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