Porous Concrete Acoustic Structures

Using Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA®) Concrete Block As Sound/Acoustic Insulator:

  • The particular structure of Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA®) makes it a perfect component for prefabricated porous concrete acoustic structures of various sizes and appearance,
  • Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA®) is suitable for the use as:     
        A Sound-absorbent facing for existing walls
        A Sound-absorbent noise insulating acoustic barrier
  • Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA®) is used for making hollow blocks, solid blocks of lightweight concrete which are used in construction of buildings, railways, bridges and so on.
  • Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA®) solid blocks are suitable for basement, inner-leaf walls, partitions, foundations and outer walls.

Using Expanded Clay Aggregate in Light-weight Filling as a Sound/Acoustic Insulator:
  • Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA®) is the perfect solution for a light-weight fill with great mechanical and acoustical properties.
  • Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA®) should be applied loose, and surfaces moisten with cement run-off, to enhance the insulation characteristics.
  • APPLICATION of Expanded Clay Aggregate as LIGHTWEIGHT FILLING

Using Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA) Concrete Block As Sound/Acoustic Insulator:
Plain Voided Slab
L' n,w = 90 dB
Rw = 40 dB
With ECA screed
L' n,w = 52 dB
Rw = 51 dB

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