Example Citation

Pretreatment Of Surface Waters On The Example Of A Tributary Of Lake Klasztorne Górne In Strzelce Krajeńskie

  • The study shows the treatment of river water based on Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA®). ECA® is lightweight mineral aggregate containing components that enhance phosphorus adsorption (aluminum, calcium, manganese, iron). 
  • A study plant was built on a nutrient rich in Nitrogen(10 mg d/m3) and Phosphorus (0.4 mg d/m3), small, and natural watercourse (Młynówka River, a tributary of Noteć basin, the municipality of Strzelce Krajeńskie).
  • On the basis of this study, the calculated work-ability/effectiveness of ECA® filters in removing large amounts of contaminants from water was: Nitrogen (6-7%), Phosphorus (10-14%), and for suspensions (12-25%). 
  • The success of the treatment is highly influenced by the hydraulic load. 
  • The ease of operation, simplicity of performance, and low cost of maintenance and construction, the pretreatment plants based on Expanded Clay Aggregate seem to be a promising technique for the protection of surface waters in catchments of streams and small rivers.

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