Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA), Roof Top, Thermal Insulation

ECA Tile Lab Test Reference

Roof Top Thermal Insulation Tile

Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA) Tile is introduced 1st time in India.

Temperature Difference: up to 11°C ( subject to standard conditions applicable )

Test Certificate Reference

National Laboratory for Testing and Development of Thermal Insulation

A project under the National Facilities in Engineering and Technology with Industrial Collaboration ( NAFETIC ) Scheme of AICTE

Test Type: Determination of thermal conductivity

Test method: Guarded Hot Plate Method as per ASTM C177

Specimen Details: Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA) Roof Insulation Tile

Description of Product: Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA) Roof Insulation Tile is a composite material made from ceramic tile, cement, Ash and Expanded Clay Aggregates (ECA).

Moisture Content: Nil ( Sample preheated at 70°C in oven for 24 hours before testing for thermal conductivity )

Dimensions: 294 mm X 294 mm

Average sample thickness (as tested ): 39 mm

Density: 976.79 kg/m3

Test Result

Mean Specimen Temperature (°C)
Observed Apparent Thermal Conductivity Value (W/m.K)
Observed Resistance Value (m2 .K/W)
30 0.3679 0.106