ECA Tile Lab Test Reference

Roof Top Thermal Insulation Tile

Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA®) Tile is introduced 1st time in India.

Temperature Difference: up to 11°C ( subject to standard conditions applicable )

Test Certificate Reference

National Laboratory for Testing and Development of Thermal Insulation

A project under the National Facilities in Engineering and Technology with Industrial Collaboration ( NAFETIC ) Scheme of AICTE

Test Type: Determination of thermal conductivity

Test method: Guarded Hot Plate Method as per ASTM C177

Specimen Details: Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA®) Roof Insulation Tile

Description of Product: Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA®) Roof Insulation Tile is a composite material made from ceramic tile, cement, Ash and Expanded Clay Aggregates (ECA®).

Moisture Content: Nil ( Sample preheated at 70°C in oven for 24 hours before testing for thermal conductivity )

Dimensions: 294 mm X 294 mm

Average sample thickness (as tested ): 39 mm

Density: 976.79 kg/m3

Test Result

Mean Specimen Temperature (°C)
Observed Apparent Thermal Conductivity Value (W/m.K)
Observed Resistance Value (m2 .K/W)
30 0.3679 0.106

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