ECA Thermal Insulation Tile

Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA) Roof Top Thermal Insulation Tile

Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA) Roof Top Thermal Insulation Tile is a composite material made from ceramic tile, cement, Fly Ash and Expanded Clay Aggregates (ECA). ECA Roof top thermal insulation tile is introduced 1st time in India. The product is capable of offering excellent thermal insulation with a temperature difference up to 11°C. (Standard conditions applicable)

Key Features of the product

  • Improves the thermal behaviour of the building and saves electricity consumption.
  • High thermal insulation efficiency, which does not change with time.
  • Protects from thermal cycling effects and increases the building life.
  • Light in weight and strong.
  • Easy application and maintainence free.


Same as conventional ceramic tile laying technique with 4-5 mm groove between tiles.

P.S. Waterproofing is must before laying the tiles.

Groove Fill

After setting of Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA) Tile, fill the joints by mixture of fine sand + normal cement mortar or any other cementitious material.

Dimension 300 mm X 300 mm X 40 mm app.
Unit Weight 3.5 – 4 kgs app.
Thermal Conductivity 0.367 W/m.K (ASTM C-177)
Surface Colour Plain White


Light in Weight

Reduction of 40-50% Load

High Compressive Strength

Cylinder Compressive Strength 0.6 to 3.0 N/mm2

Non-Toxic & Eco- Friendly

100% Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Excellent Thermal Insulation

Thermal Conductivity 0.097 to 0.10 W/mK

Excellent Sound Insulation

Excellent Acoustic Insulation Property

Excellent Fire Resistance

1 to 6 hrs - 9 to 19 cm LAC 1100 kg/m³

Earthquake Resistant


High Resistance to Water Absorption

Saves Electricity

Excellent insulation properties allows greater energy savings