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Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA)

Rivashaa Eco Design Solutions Private Ltd. proudly brings to you a revolutionary Make In India product called Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate, also known as ECA or LECA. Also, Rivashaa Eco Design Solutions Private Ltd is the first to introduce a MAKE IN INDIA Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA), ECA Construction Blocks, ECA Thermal Insulation Mortar, ECA Thermal Insulation flooring blocks, ECA Lightweight construction wall panels and ECA Thermal Insulation Tiles to India.

Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate, also known as ECA or LECA is a unique Green Construction Material which is 100% Natural and Inert light weight aggregate.

ECA is a round pellet structure produced by firing natural clay at temperature of 1200°C. The result is a hard, honeycombed structure of interconnecting voids within the aggregate. The particles formed are round in shape and generally range in size ranging from 0-30mm. These are processed to the required grading, depending on the versatile applications.

Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA) are up to 6 times lighter than traditional aggregates. They are also commonly known as Light Expanded Clay Aggregate LECA and are widely used in manufacturing lightweight concrete blocks, concrete slabs, precast or incast structural elements (panels, partitions, bricks and light tiles),geotechnical fillings and geotechnical applications like structural backfill against foundations, retaining walls, bridge abutments. Expanded Clay Aggregate ( ECA ) is a preferred material due to its ability to reduce earth pressure up to 75% compared to conventional materials in the market. Expanded Clay Aggregate ( ECA ) helps increase ground stability while reducing settlement and land deformation. Due to its excellent drainage property Expanded Clay Aggregate(ECA) can drain the surface water and groundwater to control ground water pressures.

Expanded Clay Aggregate ( ECA ) grout is used for flooring (finishing) and roofing with thermal and sound insulation advantage.

Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA) has a vital application in water treatment facilities for the filtration and purification of Industrial rouge effluents, municipal wastewater and drinking water as well as in other filtering processes, including those for dealing with agriculture wastewater and fish farms.

Expanded Clay Aggregate ( ECA ) has vital uses in agriculture and landscapes. It can alter soil mechanics. It is used as a growing medium in hydroponics systems, and blended with other growing mediums such as soil and peat to improve drainage, retain water during periods of drought, insulate roots during frost and provide roots with increased oxygen levels promoting very vigorous growth.

Expanded Clay Aggregate ( ECA ) can be mixed with heavy soil to improve its aeration and drainage. Its an ideal planting material for Lightweight terrace gardens, vertical gardens, roof gardens and other permaculture applications. 

There are several manufacturers and suppliers for lightweight expanded clay aggregate ( leca ) in the world which includes manufacturer and suppliers from India, Europe, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Holland (Netherlands),United Kingdom (UK), China and Middle East.

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